Recent Activities

2017: Visit to Germany

The foundation was able to invite another doctor who is working as gastroenterologist and endoscopist in the Ariana Hospital in Kabul. We are very grateful for the dedicated support that Prof. Neuhaus and his team provided to our guests in their well known endoscopy department.
Again, we were able to send donated endoscopy equipment in a good condition to Kabul. Rajab Ali Ahmady is managing the registration and distribution of the donated equipment locally in close coordination with the Foundation Wienbeck.

2016: Endoskopy workshop in Kabul

Rajab Ali Ahmady is taking care of The foundation is compensating Rajab Ali Ahmady for his efforts.
Endescopists from Kabul and other citys can have their equipment repaired in this endoscopy workshop. This is curently the only place in Afghanistan where repairs of this kind can be performed. The worshop was supported with additional equipment and spare parts for the repair of endoscopes.

2016: Acquisition and shipping of endoscopy equipment

Re-establishment of endoscopy in the Herat Public Hospital
Due to defective//worn out equipment, the endoscopy department in the Herat Public Hospital was disfunctional and had been closed. Thanks to the donation of endoscopy equipment kindly provided by Olympus Germany GmbH, it was possible to re-open this department.
Replacement of disfunctional endoscopes in the Rabia-e-Balkhi-Hospital for women
The missing or defective equipment that was named by the doctors in this hospital was kindly donated by the company Karl Storz GmbH.
Additionally , several shipments with donated endoscopes and endoscopy equiment were sent to Afghanistan and distributed to multiple holpital. The Foundation would like to express its gratitude to Olympus Germany GmbH, Karl Storz GmbH and all the other donors who made these activities possible.

2016: Doctors on educational visits

After the successful visit of Dr. Oqabi on the topics pulmology and bronchoscopy in the previous year, Dr. Sahab of Mazar-i-Sharif came to Germany for a visit in spring 2016. During his visit, which was supported by the GIZ, he was educated on pulmology in the Diakonie Hospital in Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf.

2015: More shipments to Kabul

It was agaibn possible to ship multiple endoscopes, donated in a good condition, to Kabul. Rajab Ali Ahmady is handling the registration and distribution of the equipment locally in close coordination with the Foundation Wienbeck.

2015: Support for the German Medical Service (GMS) in Kabul

The GMS, a non profit NGO, is supporting 16 public hospitals in Afghanistan by maintaining and repairing medical equipment as well as water and electricity supply, most of the time facing extremely difficult conditions. More...

März/April 2015: Visit Dr. Oqabi

Dr. Oqabi from Herat came to Germany in Mach/April 2015 in order to learn more about pulmology and bronchoscopy. For this purpose, he visited the Childrens Pulmology Department at the University of Düsseldorf. More...

May/June 2014:

The foundation made it possible for Rajab Ali Ahmadi to participate in another training on the repair of endoscopes in Germany from May 23 to June 16 in Germany. More...

November 2013:

The Department for Endoscopy in the Rabia-e-Balkhi hospital, established by Martin Wienbeck in 2003, developed into to a endoscopy trainig center for female doctors. Here you can view a report of the head of the department, Dr. Najla Nasir.

Mai 2013: Ambassador Club

Each year the Ambassador Club Germany awards an annual price for for tolerance and international understanding. In 2013, this price was awarded to the Foundation Wienbeck during the annual meeting of the Ambassador Club in Norderney on May 31st.

June 2012: Another visit to Afghanistan

Uwe Hoffmann and Elisabeth Wienbeck travelled to Kabul another time in June 2012. The goals of this trip were

November 2011 - February 2012: Training visit to Germany

Dr. Bezhan Sahab, Mazar-i-Sharif, came to Germany from November 12th 2011 to February 12th 2012 for a training visit. After being trained in Endoscopy in Kabul in 2008 by the Foundation, he should extend and deepen his knowledge, so that he can bring this knowledge forward to doctors in the units that are being taken care of by the Foundation.

2011: GMS

The foundation supported the work of the German Medical Service (GMS) with a donation. The GMS has been active in Afghanistan for decades..

Picture - click to enlarge After the conference with Doctors from Kabul, Herat, Kunduz, Mazar-i-Sharif and Kandahar
(Three female doctors are missing here).

June 2011: Afghanistan

Prof. Gugler and Mrs Wienbeck traveled to Kabul for two weeks. The doctors trained by the Foundation Wienbeck gathered for a working meeting in Kabul on June 24th. Additionally, it was necessary to come to agreements with the Ministery of Health concernung the work of the foundation in Afghanistan.

April 2011: Afghanistan

Seminar Train the Trainers In April 2011 Dr. Najla Nasir and Dr. Samea Husham participated in a seminar organized by the World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) in Chennai, India, with support by the Foundation Wienbeck. Dr. Samea und Dr. Najla could further improve their skills for their job as trainers for doctors in Afghanistan.

Picture - click to enlarge Uwe Hoffman providing training on repair of endoscopes

November 2010: Afghanistan

Uwe Hoffmannn, an employee of Olympus Germany traveled to Kabul. He set up a workshop to overhaul endoscopes and repaired a large number of endoscopes. Mr Hoffmann trained an Afghan technician, so that he is now able to carry out major repairs to endoscopes by himself. Before this, endoscopes in need of repair had to be sent to Pakistan.

Picture - click to enlarge Elisabeth Wienbeck in discussion with the Deputy Health Minister, Nadira Hayat

May/June 2010: Afghanistan

Mrs Wienbeck travelled to Afghanistan from 15th May to 4th June 2010 in order to

Picture - click to enlarge Dr. Munib and Dr. Sahab with Prof. Grund in the Institute for Experimental Surgical Endoscopy in Tübingen

Fall 2009: Study visits

Four doctors, who had been trained as part of the Afghanistan Stability Pact, came to Germany on a study visit.

Picture - click to enlarge Handover of donated equipment and media to Dr. Ahmad Shah Shokohmand, General Director of Health Services Provision. Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.

June 2009: Mrs Wienbeck travels to Kabul again

There is much that cannot be arranged at a distance. Therefore Mrs Wienbeck traveled to Kabul from 15th to 29th June. The topics for this visit were

Picture - click to enlarge Kabul, autumn of 2008

November 2008: Mrs Wienbeck in Kabul

Due to many unresoved questions concerning our projects, Mrs Wienbeck travelled to Kabul again. The main goal was to receive the clearance by the Ministry of Health for a postgraduate class on Gastroenterology/Gastroenterologic Endoscopy for female doctors. All educational programs have to be confirmed by the Ministry of Health. More...

Picture - click to enlarge Poster at the DGVS

October 2008: Poster at the annual congress of DGSV (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verdauungs- und Stoffwechselkrankheiten)in October 2008

The DGSV offered the Stiftung to present itself at its annual congress in Berlin with a poster. Additionall it supported the foundation financially.More...

Picture - click to enlarge Joachim Wienbeck presents the foundation at the WGO.

May 2008: The Presentation of the Foundation at the WGO?s Anniversary Celebrations.

During this year?s DDW there was a celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the World Gastroenterology Organisation. At this event, in the context of a ceremony to commemorate the work of Martin Wienbeck, his son Joachim Wienbeck gave a presentation of the work of the Foundation.

Picture - click to enlarge Professor Gugler, Mrs Wienbeck and doctors from Afghanistan

April/May 2008: Visit of Prof. Gugler and Mrs Wienbeck to Kabul.

Prof. Gugler and Mrs Wienbeck visited Kabul from 24th April to 4th May, 2008. The main object of their visit was to review the current situation and to plan future projects in Afghanistan. For this purpose, several meetings took place with male and female doctors who have already been trained from Kabul and various provincial cities. More...

Picture - click to enlarge Mutter-Kind-Ambulanz prior to its completion, August 2008

April 2008

The Foundation is supporting the building of a mother and child out-patient clinic in the grounds of a girls school in Gulbahar 80 km north of Kabul. Mehr...

Dezember 2007 ot February 2008

With the support of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), it has been possible to train an additional three doctors in a post-graduate course in gastroenterology/ endoscopy. They come from Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz and Kandahar. The training of a doctor from Kandahar means that, for the first time, there is a doctor qualified in endoscopy practicing in Southern Afghanistan. The course took place in Kabul and was conducted by Dr. Sediqi using the well-established curriculum. Further courses are planned.

Picture - click to enlarge Dr. Maroofa Haiel, Dr. Najla Nasir und Dr. Samea Hasham as guests at the annual meeting of the DGVS.

September 2007: Visit of three female doctors from Kabulto Germany.

In September 2007, three female doctors from Kabul came to Germany for an educational visit. They recieved training in several hospitals and attended the annual meeting of the DGVS. Additional information can be found here.

Picture - click to enlarge Appreciation for the foundation from Mazar-i-Sharif.

Additional deliveries of new and well preserved used medical equipment received in Kabul.

The DAAD were able to collect donations from hospitals and individual doctors. Several well preserved used endoscopes and additional medical equipment were delivered to the endoscopic departments supported by the founsdation in Kabul and other cities. Additionally, the foundation donated a beamer to the hospital at Mazar-i-Sharif for educational purposes.