Visit of Mrs. Wienbeck to Kabul

Picture - click to enlarge Schoolbell made from artillery shell, Afghanistan 2009
Picture - click to enlarge Endoscopy class in the Rabiah-e-Balkhi Hospital.

In June 2009 the one year class in endoscopy for female doctors could finally begin. The training program is being held at Rabia-e-Balkhi women's hospital. The Foundation has provided the equipment needed for the course together with a video endoscope and a video processor donated by Olympus Germany.

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Handover of donated equipment and media to Dr. Ahmad Shah Shokohmand, General Director of Health Services Provision. Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.

For the presentation, a ceremony was arranged by the Ministry of Public Health at the Rabia Balkhi Hospital. Dr. Shokumand honored the memory of the Foundation's founder, thanked the Foundation, and urged all users to handle the expensive equipment with great care. Mrs Wienbeck gave a presentation of the Foundation and its projects.

It is only a short while ago that records of patient examinations were still being kept by hand. Here we can see the new work-station with the equipment provided by the Foundation together with a beamer for use in teaching.

Picture - click to enlarge The new workspace with equipment donated by the foundation.

The DAAD is funding the course as part of the stability pact. The ladies acting as instructors are Dr. Najla Nasir und Dr. Samea Hasham, who were both originally trained by Prof. Wienbeck and Dr. Sediqi.

Although there were several applicants, only two female doctors were given permission to take part in the training course. Mrs Wienbeck was greatly impressed by the high level of competence and dedication shown both by the trainees, who shared the assignments among themselves, and their instructors.

Visit to girls' school in Gulbahar, province Parwan.

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Here the Foundation has made a contribution to the construction of a mother & child day-care Center. A doctor is available for consultation at the Center two days a week. There is, however, still no agreed scheme which would allow the Center to fully function as originally planned. The school principal is currently involved in discussions about such a scheme with the Ministry of Health.