Letter from Dr. Najla Nasir, November 2013

Hello respectable Mrs. Wienbek ,hope you will be fine.

I want to inform you from condition of Rabia Balkhi Hospital's endoscopy center.During last 3years we( me and Dr.Samea Husham )trained full course of upper and lower GI endoscopy for 3 lady specialists of internal medicine and abdominal surgery and one newly graduated lady doctor from Herat province. Also we have short introducing course for 10 doctors of internal and general surgery wards of RBH. I have to mention that this center is the only center of endoscopy for female patients in the country level. Another important progression is to increasing the number of endoscopy department members from 2 doctors up to 5 specialist doctor + one chief ( head of department ) to make a base for progression from endoscopy department toward the gastroenterology ward within next 2-3 years. I share all the informations with you as a regular supporter of our department and we are sure that you would be very glad from our progressions as students of late Prof. Wienbeck, and hope to get stronger supports of Wienbeck foundation for future.

With regards
Najla Nasir M.D. ,P.G.D ,Chief of department