Aufbau eines Brustkrebs- Zentrums in Herat

Mit dem Projekt werden drei Hauptziele verfolgt:
Seit dem Beginn des Projekts im Juli 2017 wird regelmäßig ein Fortschrittsbericht nach Deutschland geschickt. Im Juli 2018 reiste Prof. Hanisch wieder zu einer Fortbildungswoche nach Herat. Hier das Programm einer Fortbildungswoche, an der er als Dozent mitwirkte:

Breast Cancer Project
Awareness Raising and Capacity Building Components
The First Breast Cancer Master Course – Herat, Afghanistan

Course Summary:
It is critical for the breast cancer project to share expertise and knowledge and to create cooperation and common understanding among those who are somehow related to the project in Herat. For that, a master course on breast cancer was designed. Prof. Dr. Ernst Hanisch was generous to participate in the training. A group of doctors from with different background and expertise were invited to participate in the first master course on breast cancer held at Kimia Hospital conference hall. Kimia hospital is the implementer partner of the project.
Duration: 12 - 17 July 2018
Time: 9 AM to 4 PM
Topics and presenters:
  1. Breast Imaging (Mammogram and Ultrasound) by Dr. Qadir Qader
  2. Pathologic Exams (IHC) By Dr. Haroon Firooz
  3. Conservative Surgery by Dr. Saliha Hekmat
  4. Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Fowzia Mohammadi
  5. Radiotherapy by Dr. Farooq Ahmad Sidiqi
  6. Chemotherapy by Dr. Farid Faqdani
  7. Improving Surgery Quality by Prof. Dr. Ernst Hanisch
  8. A general review of breast cancer by Prof. Dr. Ernst Hanisch
  9. Research Result Presentation by Dr. Nafisa Zahir
  10. Brief report on breast cancer project progress by Dr. Samea Akbari